Plan Design Process

Following is a general guideline of how we typically work with new clients.  The process may be slightly different depending upon your specific situation.

Also, you do not have to be local or come into our office to work with us.  We have the technology to help you out no matter where you are.  Visit our Tech Center to learn more.


Introductory Meeting

Your first meeting with us will be a “get to know you session” that we call our Introductory Meeting. During this meeting, we will simply learn a little bit about each other.  You will learn about our services, how we typically work with clients, and we will provide you with our fee schedule (we don’t think fees should be a mystery).  In turn, we will learn about what you are hoping to accomplish, your motivation for possibly establishing or maintaining a company retirement plan, and your past experiences.

If you desire to move forward, then the next step will be to schedule a Data Gathering Meeting.

Data Gathering Meeting

During this meeting, we will gather information from you which will allow us to understand how to properly build your company plan (even if you already have a company plan in place).

With over 20 different types of company sponsored retirement plans available we want to make sure you have a plan in place (with the features that you want) that makes the most sense for your personal goals, your business goals, your employees, company cash flow, profitability, etc…

Many other firms will simply just run a proposal for you at this stage, but we are different.  We believe a proposal should not be done until we first determine the right plan for your company.  In other words, we believe we should put the horse before the cart (yes, we know that we twisted that phrase around).

After we have gathered all of the appropriate information, it will take us approximately 2 to 3 days to design your plan and run a proposal.


Plan Design Meeting

During our Plan Design Meeting, we will recommend the plan (and features of the plan) that we feel is most appropriate for your company.

Also we will review the proposal that we created for you, which will inform you of the different service providers as well as their fees.  You will notice in this proposal that the fees are clearly defined for each service provider.  There will be no mystery like you find with some companies that bury their fees in a product that is sold to you. We will never sell you a “product”.  Instead we will simply just design and build a company plan for you.

It’s at this stage that you will decide whether or not to hire us.  All of the services that we provide up to this point are at no cost to you.  We want you to be completely satisfied and comfortable with us, our services, our process, and recommendations prior to hiring us.  This is similar to test driving a car.  You wouldn’t buy a car until you first got behind the wheel and we wouldn’t expect you to hire us until you’ve seen what we can deliver.

If you are satisfied with with everything and desire to be a client, then please see our Timeline below for next steps.



Once you’ve decided to hire our firm to handle your company retirement plan, the approximate timeline will look as follows:

Weeks 1 – 2:

  • Sign Service Agreements
  • Provide any missing data

Week 3:

  • Recordkeeper / Third Party Administrator to consult with your prior plan provider (if applicable) to start the process of transferring your existing plan.
  • B.E.S.T. Wealth Management to finalize the investment lineup.

Week 4:

  • Further Plan Design.  Since we previously went through Plan Design this stage should be relatively quick.  We will already know what your goals are and we will just finalize the bells and whistles that you want for your company plan.
  • Review day to day operations and establish payroll submission process.

Weeks 5 – 8:

  • 30 day blackout notice given to employees.
  • Employee Enrollment Meetings will begin.

Week 9:

  • Blackout Period begins. Employees will not be able to do anything with there account during this 30 day period so that the plan can transfer appropriately.
  • Plan Transfer.
  • Company Plan goes live!!  For start-up plans, the plan will likely go live a few weeks sooner.