Investment Selection and Monitoring – you’re an expert in your field, not in investment selection and monitoring.  This is where we come in.  We will choose and monitor the appropriate investments for your company plan.  And we’ll even take full fiduciary responsibility for doing so – in writing!!

Develop Investment Policy Statement – we don’t invest as the wind blows constantly changing our minds.  Instead, we have a defined investment strategy that is spelled out in an Investment Policy Statement that we create specifically for you.

Creating Model Portfolios – we understand that employees may be overwhelmed making decisions about which investments to choose in the company retirement plan.  That’s why we’ve made it easy for them.  We will create portfolios for your company plan and the employees just have to choose which one they desire rather than sorting through dozens of investment choices.  This is something that many other firms do not or legally cannot provide.

Develop Prudent Fiduciary Process – this is probably one of the most important services we provide.  As a small business owner, you may not realize that you have a certain legal responsibility to your employees.  But you do.  As such, we will help you develop a process that will help to minimize your risk.  See our Fiduciary Guidance section to learn more.

Annual Fiduciary Benchmark Fee Review – each year during our annual review with you we will benchmark all of the fees in your company plan with the fees of other plans your size.  The regulatory authority (Department of Labor) requires that fees be “reasonable”, which is why we perform this service.

Identify Fiduciaries and Responsibilities – you will have a clear understanding of everyone in your organization who is considered a fiduciary along with their responsibilities.

Reducing Fiduciary Risk – as the business owner you can never fully eliminate your fiduciary risk; however, we can help you understand ways to reduce this risk.

Reviewing Fidelity Bond Coverage – if you sponsor an ERISA-based company retirement plan such as a 401k, then you are required by ERISA to be bonded. We can help to ensure that you have the appropriate amount of coverage in place to protect your yourself and your employees.

Plan Design – this is one of the most important elements that we walk you through when working with us.  Whether you have an existing plan or not, it’s vitally important to design a plan that ties in with your personal goals, business goals, cash flow, profitability, etc.  See our unique Plan Design Process for more info.

Employee Enrollment – we will meet with all of your employees when it is time for them to enroll in the plan.

Annual Employee Education – we provide annual education to your employees regarding Prudent Investing.  This includes education about investment selection, asset allocation, time horizon, and risk tolerance.

Help Select and Monitor Service Providers – there are many moving parts and players in a company retirement plan and we will help you sort through it.

Annual Reviews – believe it or not, we proactively reach out to you.  It’s vitally important to have annual reviews to satisfy your fiduciary responsibility.