Financial Planning and Wealth Management Services

Investment Management – you’ll know what our strategy is in good times and bad.

Comprehensive Financial Planning – reviewing your entire financial picture will allow us to give you the best advice possible.

Retirement Planning – fail to plan, then plan to fail.  It’s important that you focus on this as soon as possible.  Don’t be dependent on Social Security.

Portfolio Analysis – we review your existing investments to make sure you are not taking on more risk than your comfortable with.

Insurance Analysis – no one likes discussing insurance, but it is a way to protect your family and your assets.

College Education Planning – what should take priority, saving for your children’s education or saving for your retirement?  We can help you prioritize that.

Company Stock Option Analysis – let us help you know how and when to exercise and sell your stock options.  Oh and by the way, we’ll help you understand the tax consequences as well.

Estate Planning – there’s more to estate planning than having a Will.  Let us help you understand the various ways to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your assets.

Beneficiary Analysis – it’s important to list the beneficiaries correctly on your insurance and investments; otherwise, the legal system may get involved.  This could be costly and time consuming especially if you have children.

Strategic Portfolio Rebalancing – it’s important to review your investments regularly to ensure that you are not taking on more risk than you want.  We do this daily.

Tax Advantaged Investment Strategies – some investments have larger tax implications than others.  We utilize low cost, tax efficient investments.

Retirement Income Strategies – with so much information on the internet, it’s confusing knowing how to receive income from your investments when the time comes.  Our strategy will be fully explained to you.

Tax Planning Strategies – in addition to using tax advantaged investments, we can review your current situation to determine if there are other ways to reduce taxes in your life.

Additional Financial Advisory Services for Small Business Owners

Company Sponsored Retirement Plan Services – in order to stay competitive, having a company sponsored retirement plan, such as a 401(k), is almost a necessity these days. Check out the Company Sponsored Retirement Plan section of our site to learn more.

Health Insurance Review – health insurance costs are rising dramatically, especially for group plans.  We can discuss ways to help lower these costs.

Building Your Team of Experts – no one person can be an expert at all things; therefore, it’s vitally important for the business owner to have a team of experts (i.e. financial planner, attorney, accountant, etc.).  Our goal is to help you build your team of experts so that there are many different sets of eyes looking at your situation to better protect you.

Employee Benefits Review – we want you to look good to your employees so that you retain them.  And we can help you do that by periodically reviewing the benefits you provide to them.

Buy / Sell Agreements – do you have a Buy / Sell Agreement?  Do you even know what this is?  You’ve worked hard to build up your business to where it is today, so in order to protect it, employees, co-owners, and family, this should be on your radar screen. We can help you navigate this.

Business Insurance Analysis – no one likes to talk about insurance, but it’s important to review your business coverage periodically.

Business Entity Review – is your business entity (i.e. LLC, Corporation, Sole Proprietorship, etc.) the most efficient set up for you?  Is it the right structure to have based on your industry and tax situation.

Other value added benefits that you can receive at no extra charge:

  • Ongoing Annual Reviews – believe it or not, we proactively reach out to YOU.
  • Interim Reviews – if something comes up, we can always meet more often.
  • Regular Blogs – informative articles show right up in your email inbox.
  • Informative Webinars – attend live or view the recorded session on our website.
  • Client Appreciation Events – you won’t want to miss our fun yet challenging annual Trivia Night.
  • Call us with any questions you have – you will never be on the clock.
  • Voice and video conference reviews – if you decide that you don’t want to fight traffic or if you don’t live in the St Louis area then we can have your review over the phone and/or computer. Check our our Tech Center to learn more about how we make technology work for you.
  • Summary review of our meetings – you’ll appreciate this benefit as it will be a succinct summary as well as a checklist of any action items that you need to complete.