Articles of Interest: Warren Buffett Still Likes Stock Market

This week I am sharing an article from Yahoo Finance titled Warren Buffet: I Still Like The Stock Market Because Of The Bond Market. In this article, author Myles Udland, shares a comment that Buffett made to CNBC. Buffett said, “Stock valuations makes sense with interest rates where they are.” At first glance, it seems like Buffet is saying that stocks are good to buy today because of low interest rates but maybe aren’t good to buy if interest rates rise. However, it would be a mistake to assume that.

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Have You Seen The Recent Silver Commercials?

If you’ve watched any silver commercials lately you would think that silver is a “can’t miss” asset and something that you should definitely own. I recently saw a silver commercial from Lear Capital and noticed that it is significantly flawed and preys on the uninformed. In today’s blog post, I will point out two major fallacies of this commercial and why you should be cautious when taking advice from sources such as this.

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Articles of Interest: [Breaking News] Tax Reform Part II

This week’s Articles of Interest is a continuation from last week’s article. Last week I shared an article that discussed the tax reform plan released by the House. This week, the Senate unveiled a plan of their own which differs from the House plan. Today’s article from is titled Everything You Need To Know About The Senate GOP Tax ProposalIn the article, Erik Wasson and Sahil Kapur discuss the differences between the House and Senate Plan.

While there are some major differences, it appears that neither plan effectively helps small businesses. Large corporations are the real benefactor here. They get a top tax rate of 20% while many small businesses will still see top tax rates of up to 39.6%. This is unfortunate as small business drive the majority of employment in our country.

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Using An IRA To Pay For College

Did you know that using an IRA to pay for college is allowed and is exempt from the 10% early withdrawal penalty? But the real question is whether or not you should use the IRA in the first place.

Perhaps you didn’t initially save for your children’s college education, but now you’re at a point in life where you want to cover some or all of the cost. Or perhaps you’re at that stage in life where you desire to make a career change and go back to college. Regardless of the situation, the IRA is a tool that you can use to pay for college expenses. In today’s blog post, I will discuss the rules as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using an IRA to fund college costs. In addition, I will go over alternatives strategies that you can use.

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Articles of Interest: [Breaking News] Tax Reform

On Thursday, the House GOP released an outline of their proposed tax reform bill known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. In today’s Article’s of Interest, I am sharing an article from ThinkAdvisor titled GOP Tax Reform Bill Unveiled: A First Look.

This article provides an overview of what is being proposed. Included are significant changes to income tax brackets, standard deductions, child tax credits, among other things. 

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What Survival Can Teach Us About Investing

I was recently watching on The Weather Channel an episode of SOS: How to Survive. If you’re not familiar with this show, it’s essentially a re-enactment of people who got lost (in the woods, mountains, desert, etc.) and what we can do / learn to survive those types of situations. In this blog post, I will discuss the major piece of advice that experts give when people are stranded and how this advice can help you with your investment strategy.

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Articles of Interest: Social Security Benefits To Increase

Throughout the week, I run across articles that may be of interest to you. In this week’s article, Mary Beth Franklin of Investment News outlines the COLA increase recently approved by the Social Security Administration. In addition, Mary Beth discusses other nuances to Social Security as well as how the COLA increase could cause some people to see a sizable jump in their Medicare premiums.

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Are Password Managers Worth It?

A client of ours recently turned me on to Dashlane, a very popular password manager. I had never given much thought to using a password manager, but it prompted me to do a little bit of research to understand the pros and cons of using one. I reviewed three of the leading password management apps (Dashlane, LastPass, and 1Password) and hopefully this blog post will help answer the question – Are Password Managers Worth It? I’ll also share why I believe a password manager is important to you from a financial planning perspective. Read more “Are Password Managers Worth It?”

Articles of Interest: 30 Years Ago…

Yesterday marked the 30-year anniversary of when the financial markets were disrupted in a way never before seen. October 19, 1987 is infamously known as Black Monday. On that day, the US Stock Market (Dow) dropped 22.6%. That is the largest one-day drop the stock market has ever experienced. 

This week’s Articles of Interest is an article published in Financial Planning Magazine by Lee Conrad, Suleman Din, and Maddy Perkins. It is appropriately titled Black Monday, 30 Years Later. In this article the authors share various numbers pertaining to that day, how to react when the market suddenly declines, and the likelihood of whether or not a loss of this magnitude could occur again.

No one really knows what caused the crash, but it does bring up the question, “What can we learn from that situation?”. Read on to see my thoughts regarding this.

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