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Financial Planning for Divorcées

Dividing your assets. Deciding who gets custody. Agreeing about child support.

Divorce is a messy business.

It’s an emotional time with legal complications … and financial uncertainties.

Perhaps you hired a divorce attorney to advise you about the legal aspects of your divorce. However, you may not have considered engaging a financial advisor to help untangle your finances.

If you’re still going through the divorce process, a financial advisor will advise you about everything from evaluating your settlement and analyzing how it will play out over time to calculating budgets for spousal support and telling you if a lump sum is better than periodic payments.

If your divorce is behind you, you may still be feeling apprehensive about your finances, especially if your spouse managed the money.

Financial planning after your divorce is not much different from when you were married. The only real change is you’ll now make financial decisions based solely on your needs. A trusted financial advisor can organize your affairs, beginning with a plan to help you meet your short- and long-term goals.

Get Financial Help to Deal with This Personal Crisis

Divorce is a life change with a big financial impact on your life.

To find a trusted advisor to help you throughout this emotionally fraught time of your life, book a complimentary personal finance consultation with B.E.S.T. Wealth Management.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask a professional financial advisor about your situation, get input on the important decisions with which you’re faced, and ask questions about our process, services, and pricing.

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