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need a
little help

$ 249
  • Perfect for those who enjoy financial planning and investment management but need a little guidance.
  • 1 Hr Strategy Session
  • Get help with your investment strategy
  • Get help with tax strategies
  • Have an employee benefits question?
  • Get help with any financial issue you have
  • Virtual or In-Person Meetings
  • Secure Payment Via PayPal

build your
own plan

  • Perfect for those who enjoy having complete control over all their finances and wish to improve financial knowledge.
  • Multiple Module Course
  • Learn at Your Own Pace
  • Expand Your Financial Knowledge
  • Retire with Confidence
  • Position Your Investments Properly
  • Determine How Much and Where to Invest
  • Learn Tax Minimization Strategies
  • Plan for Children's College
  • Identify Key Financial Risks in Your Life
  • And Much More...
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$ % of Investments
Managed (see below)
  • Perfect for those who don't enjoy or don't have the time to manage their investments and financial planning.
  • We Handle Everything
  • Comprehensive Financial Plan
  • Research-Based Investment Management
  • Tax Strategies
  • Budgeting Strategy
  • Specific Recommendations
  • Goal Development
  • Retirement Analysis
  • Investment Performance Reporting
  • Unlimited Access to Us
  • Robust Software Utilized
  • And Much More....
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Fee-Only Financial Planning

B.E.S.T. Wealth is a fee-only financial planning firm, meaning

we do not sell products or receive any commissions, product fees, referral fees, or kick back fees of any kind!

Instead, we earn money calculated as a percentage of the assets in your investment portfolio. This fee is only for the financial advice and investment management services you receive, NOT for some product that is sold to you!

This compensation model aligns our interests with yours and encourages us to protect—and increase—your investments. As your portfolio grows, we both benefit. 

How Some Financial Advisors Earn Their Keep

Some financial planners work on commission, earning money every time they sell a product to you. These planners are often required to achieve quotas which can result in aggressive sales tactics to meet or exceed their targets.

Many of these advisors work for large institutions—banks, investment companies or insurance firms—that manufacture their own products, limiting the investment choices available to you.

Since commission-based advisors focus solely on selling products, they have little incentive to increase the size of your portfolio or to protect your money.

Additionally, this compensation model creates potential conflicts of interest. Commission-based advisors can be tempted to recommend investments to clients simply to earn another commission or meet a sales quota, rather than considering the client’s goals and risk tolerance.

B.E.S.T. Wealth is free of these limitations!

Our Promise to You

  • No Sales Tactics
  • No Commissions
  • No Investment Limitations
  • No Sales Quotas
  • No Product Selling

Our Pricing

financial wellness

Fees start at

$500 and go up

depending on topic

and length of presentation.


Level of Complexity

Low Complexity

Medium Complexity

High Complexity





*Includes Company Sponsored Retirement Plans (i.e. 401k, 403b, SIMPLE IRAs, etc…), Charities, Religious Institutions, Corporations, Non-Profits, Endowments, Associations, Schools, and Foundations.

** Low Complexity is generally defined as someone who only has W-2 wages, retirement income, retirement investments (IRAs, 401(k)s, etc…), and / or a small number of non-IRA investments.

Medium Complexity is generally defined as someone who has multiple non-IRA investments, is self-employed, has multi-state employment, has a small number of rental real estate properties, and / or has trust / partnership income.

High Complexity is generally defined as someone who as similarities of Medium Complexity, but to a larger degree (i.e. large number of rental real estate properties, multiple businesses, and / or multiple sources of trust / partnership income). Any return that is more complex than that of a High Complexity Return will be billed an additional $75 / hour.

Add $50 if tax preparation is for a non-financial planning / investment management client of B.E.S.T. Wealth.

Minimum Investments and Fees Not Required

Our belief is that everyone should have access to financial advice and investment management. As such, you don’t need a minimum amount of investments to work with B.E.S.T., nor will we charge you a minimum fee.  

What you do need though is an open mind about receiving comprehensive financial planning advice.

Have Further Questions?

Schedule a meeting to learn more about our transparent and simple pricing and how we can help you get your financial life in order!

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