Unhealthy Attachments

Have you ever made yourself suffer through a bad movie because, having paid for the ticket, you felt you had to get your money’s worth? Some people treat investment the same way. We found an informative article that addresses this. Please read Unhealthy Attachments here.

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Brad E.S. Tinnon

A Child’s View of Why We Need Money

Last year, my daughter’s kindergarten teacher told us that Ella really enjoyed writing. That has carried over to her first grade class as she recently told me and her mom that she really loves writing. She is constantly writing about whatever pops into her mind or whatever experience she has had.

Ella has been to my office a number of times over the years. She knows that I have clients and that we deal with money/numbers, but I’m not sure she quite understands exactly what we do. So, in an effort fulfill her love of writing and teach her more about my business, I challenged her with the task of writing about “why people need money”. Read more “A Child’s View of Why We Need Money”

Money Is The Root Of All Evil?

by Mary Young, Ph.D.

Perhaps you already know the punchline, but I grew up believing that the way I’ve stated the question above was the accurate depiction of the biblical statement.  About 15 years ago, I was fortunate enough to be seeing a Minister, who taught me a number of lessons, as many of my patients do.  This lesson in particular, was the correction that the bible actually says “The love of money is the root of all evil.”  That’s a pretty big difference of what I originally thought and often heard people say.  And I have certainly seen many examples in my years on the job where, people’s attachment to things that require money can, and often does, create a host of maladies in their lives. Read more “Money Is The Root Of All Evil?”


Are you wondering why your diversified portfolio has not performed as well as the U.S. stock market (S&P 500) lately?

If so, let me ease your concern. It is not appropriate for your diversified portfolio to have earned the same monstrous returns that the S&P 500 has lately. Reason being is that the majority of investments in your diversified portfolio would have had to be up by as much as the S&P 500. And a diversified portfolio is not designed for every investment to go up at the same time. If they did, then it would be likely that every investment would also go down at the same time, which you would not like. Plus, if this were happening, you likely wouldn’t have a diversified portfolio. Stick to your diversified strategy and you will find that over time you will earn a sufficient rate of return to meet your goals. We would love to know what you think. Please feel free to leave a comment by clicking here.

Brad E.S. Tinnon

What Would You Do With 10 Minutes?

I previously wrote about my clients, Paulo and Laura Ribeiro, whose unborn baby was diagnosed with Potter’s Syndrome. As a recap, this is a condition in which the baby’s lungs are undeveloped, meaning that once born, the baby will be unable to breathe and will not survive.

I’m very sad to report that the Ribeiro’s lost their new-born baby a little over a week ago. Analisia Karina (meaning “precious one with God”) was born and died May 9th, 2015.

In their online blog, the Ribeiro’s wrote that they only had 10 minutes with their baby. I can’t imagine the thought of their child dying in their arms and how sad that must have been.

This caused me to personally think about a couple of things. First, why do I complain about such trivial things in life? And second, how should I best spend my time? Read more “What Would You Do With 10 Minutes?”

How To Handle Finances In A Marriage: 5 Tips

Does money create a strain in your marriage?  Are you unsure how to handle finances in a marriage?  If so, read on to learn 5 easy tips that you can apply to your financial life.


When you were single, life was simple, and you could essentially do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted. Now that you’re married, life is slightly more complicated (okay, a lot more complicated if you have kids). Read more “How To Handle Finances In A Marriage: 5 Tips”

How To Manage Your Finances

Last year we remodeled our house to get it ready to sell.  It took us a lot longer than we thought.  2 ½ months to be exact.  If you know me, you know that I’m not much of a handyman.  I often times joke that I get really anxious / angry when in a home improvement store; it takes me way too much time to figure out what I need to buy in order to tackle a project.  And then there are too many brands to sort through which only increases the amount of time and frustration in the store.

Projects that take an expert 1 hour to complete can easily take me a whole season to get done.

I am not passionate about handyman work.  And I never have been.  To be honest, I absolutely hate it. That is not how I am wired (no pun intended). Read more “How To Manage Your Finances”

How To Live A Balanced Life

I often times wonder how I can free up my time to focus on the things in life that are important.

Do you ever feel like you’re crossing items off of your daily checklist but deep down you don’t really feel like you’ve accomplished anything?  Or perhaps you’ve been working on a large / time consuming project only to feel that you’ve been unproductive that particular day or week. Read more “How To Live A Balanced Life”

Tax Efficient Investing

Tax efficient investing is likely something that has crossed your mind.  After all, who doesn’t want to save money in taxes.

There are two strategies that I want to discuss today that you can use to make your investments more tax efficient and put more dollars back into your pocket.


If you invest in mutual funds then it is likely that you are incurring unnecessary taxation. Read more “Tax Efficient Investing”

Is Gold A Good Investment ???

Over the last five or six years we have fielded several questions about gold.  Should gold be the place to invest due to our devalued U.S. dollar?  If we experience another recession, is gold a good investment?  Should I own physical gold coins and store them in a safe?

It’s funny how these questions came about when gold was essentially at an all time high.  We’ve had to talk clients down from the temptation of putting all (or a large portion) of their eggs in the gold basket. Read more “Is Gold A Good Investment ???”