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Beware of Gold Commercials

Do you remember seeing all of the gold commercials on tv when the recession of 2008 started. Well it seems like the gold commercials are making a resurgence.

Yesterday I was working out at the gym and noticed a commercial from Lear Capital advocating that you should buy gold. Then later that evening I saw another commercial from Rosland Capital advocating the same thing.

Their pitch went something like this: “The US National Debt is at an all time high and growing by $7 billion per day. It’s only a matter of time before this whole thing implodes. And when it does our country is going to be in a situation that it has never experienced before. You better make sure that you own gold and silver coins to protect yourself for when this time comes. If you invest in stocks and bonds then your fortunes are tied to how good or bad the economy is doing. BUT, if you invest in gold and silver, you can insulate your wealth from economic turmoil. You need hard assets like gold and silver so that you can truly protect your wealth.”

If you go to these companies’ websites or watch their commercials, they are very eager to sell you gold and silver coins.

If gold is really that important to BUY, then why in the world are these companies SELLING it. Just think about that for a second. Why wouldn’t these companies be buying gold for themselves??? I’ll give you a clue: Because they’re making too much money selling to you!!!

Please do yourself a favor and avoid scams like this. It’s not that we don’t want you to own gold or silver. In fact our clients’ portfolios own stocks that are in these industries.

Our belief is that portfolios should be invested according to academic and Nobel Prize research. This research essentially reflects three things. First, stock and bond prices are fair. This frees you up from trying to find that next diamond in the rough. Second, stocks should be tilted toward areas of higher return (small companies, value companies, and highly profitable companies). This is not a guarantee, but historically speaking these areas have returned more than large companies, growth companies, and low profitable companies. Finally, bond investments should be determined by “current” yield curves and “current” credit spreads. This is a fancy way of saying that the “current” information on bonds can lead to higher expected future returns.

In my opinion, investing your portfolio in this manner will lead you to success.

What are your thoughts on gold? Has anyone ever pitched gold as an investment to you? Do you believe that gold coins will actually be useful someday? Feel free to share any experiences or thoughts below.

Brad E.S. Tinnon


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