How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Missouri?

Divorce tends to be a very expensive venture. Not only do you often times lose significant assets (house, investments, etc…), but you are also faced with the burden of paying court and / or attorney fees. 

Today, I will discuss the 5 major divorce options and the expected costs of each. Not only do I discuss the cost of divorce in Missouri, but I will also give you an idea of the cost no matter where you live. Hopefully divorce is not in your future, but if it is, I think you’ll find this guide helpful.  Read more “How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Missouri?”

Estate Planning Issues Unique to Women

While estate planning is important to all people there are a number of issues that specifically impact women. These issues, if not properly addressed, can lead to insufficient assets, inappropriate long term care, disinherited children, and a host of other outcomes. In today’s blog post, you will learn what these issues are as well as specific steps women can take to overcome these challenges! Read more “Estate Planning Issues Unique to Women”

3 Sure Fire Signs You Need to Hire a Financial Advisor

While there are many reasons that a person would handle their own financial planning and investing, today I will share with you 3 sure fire signs you should hire a financial advisor.

Read more “3 Sure Fire Signs You Need to Hire a Financial Advisor”

4 Tips For Managing Money in Your Second Marriage

Money is the cause of many divorces in our society. Those who end up getting remarried will naturally be apprehensive with their money and want to protect it. With that in mind, I will be sharing 4 tips for managing money in your second marriage so that you can be better prepared. Read more “4 Tips For Managing Money in Your Second Marriage”