A Financial Planning Checklist for Widows

Losing a spouse is a very difficult thing to deal with. Not only is there grief, but also stress in dealing with the finances. My goal with today’s blog post is to provide a financial planning checklist for widows that helps them navigate this difficult time and terrain.  Read more “A Financial Planning Checklist for Widows”

Estate Planning Issues Unique to Women

While estate planning is important to all people there are a number of issues that specifically impact women. These issues, if not properly addressed, can lead to insufficient assets, inappropriate long term care, disinherited children, and a host of other outcomes. In today’s blog post, you will learn what these issues are as well as specific steps women can take to overcome these challenges! Read more “Estate Planning Issues Unique to Women”

3 Sure Fire Signs You Need to Hire a Financial Advisor

While there are many reasons that a person would handle their own financial planning and investing, today I will share with you 3 sure fire signs you should hire a financial advisor.

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How Financial Planning Helps You When Your Spouse Dies

We’ve had several clients unfortunately lose their spouses (some at a very early age) over the past few years. So today, I want share with you how we helped out in those difficult situations and how financial planning has benefitted them. 

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Your 1st Year as a Widow: Top 10 Things To Do Right Away

Losing a spouse is a tragedy that bears great pain. For many widows, the husband handled the finances and now they find themselves not only grieving his loss but also stressing out about how to get organized and what to do next.

Your goal during your first year as a widow should be to just get your bearings, grieve, and stabilize the situation. With that in mind here is a checklist of 10 things that you need to focus on right away which will help you put your life back together and get financially organized.

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