Brad Tinnon

Brad Tinnon

(VIDEO) Market Volatility (Part 2): Market Declines are Normal and Necessary

Welcome back to Part 2 of this 5-part Market Volatility Series. If you missed Part 1, Tune Out the Noise, then I encourage you to watch that video as I describe that this recent market decline is not as bad as people are making it out to be. You can find the link to that video directly below this video.

In Part 2 today, you’ll learn that Market Declines are not only Normal but also Necessary. Over the past 10 years, we haven’t experienced a lot of volatility so we’ve all become a little bit complacent. So, tune in to today’s video to learn more about the relationship between stock market volatility and stock market returns. I’m hopeful that this video will help to ease some of the concerns and fear that you may be experiencing.

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Market Volatility (Part 1): Tune Out the Noise

Brad E.S. Tinnon
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